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Outpatient Physical & Occupational Therapy

Non-Invasive Treatments for Everyday Ailments

You Can Heal

We Can Help

Your journey to a full recovery starts at The Carlisle Place.  Our licensed therapists are trained in multiple specialties.

Are You Suffering From...

Mechanical Pain

Do you notice that when you sit you get shoulder pain, back pain or even leg pain?

Do you notice that when you move out of certain positions that your pain disappears or decreases?

Does your pain fluctuate quickly and  your not sure why? 

Flat Feet Care

Does your ring feel tight on your finger?

Do your socks leave indentations on your ankles?

Does your arm or leg feel heavy or tight?

Have you had cancer related surgery or treatment?

Back Pain

Is the pain generally worse when sitting for prolonged periods of  time?

Have you had several episodes of back pain over the past few months?

Is the pain generally less when lying down?

Does your pain change in location or intensity?


Do you experience short periods of dizziness when your head moves in certain directions?

Have you experienced abnormal eye movements?

Is your balance and walking impaired?

Therapy Building Blocks

Improve Your Health

Therapy is shown to not only improve your overall health, but also your mood.

Manage Your Pain

Using a patient centered approach we will teach you to manage your pain and reach your goals, as well reduce your need for medications.


Therapist are sometimes called "Movement Experts".  Our goal is to keep you doing the things you enjoy the most.  Therapy can help you recover from current conditions, as well as prevent future injuries.

An Approach We Believe In


Our licensed clinical team at the Carlisle Place is certified in the McKenzie Method to help assess your sore back needs.  The McKenzie Method is known to show results in just 2 or 3 visits; minimizing the need for expensive tests & procedures.  

Just think… no needles, no injections, no surgery. 

Explore if you are a candidate for the McKenzie Method of treatment.


hydroworx pool pic.jpg
Aquatic Therapy

The variety of clients that can be treated in the HydroWorx® pool is limitless.  Read more to see if Aquatic Therapy may benefit you.


 We can instruct individuals in a short form program as part of the rehabilitation process to help people achieve their goals.

Senior Therapy

Therapeutic exercises aim to reduce fatigue and improve physical function, safety and well-being.  OT will help you regain daily living activities.

Stressed Woman
Vestibular Therapy

Improve your balance and reduce your problems related to dizziness through an exercised based treatment program.

Mani Pedi
Lymphedema Therapy

With proper care and treatment Lymphedema may be prevented or controlled.  Read more to learn how Lymphedma Therapy may help you.

Back Massage

Relax, reduce stress and relieve pain through manipulation of muscle and tissue with a massage.






Low Back Pain

and Sciatica


Avoid Chronic

Disease With Regular Physical Activity


6 Balance

Exercises You Can Safely Perform at Home

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