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Cancer Rehabilitation

The American Cancer Society recommends people, undergoing cancer treatment as well as cancer survivors, perform consistent physical exercise.  This helps to decrease fatigue and nausea as well as improve the ability to perform normal daily activities.  Studies have shown that exercise can improve survival after a cancer diagnosis.  Physical therapy can help you with recovery from a surgical procedure, monitor for lymphedema and educate on risk, treat any complications from Lymphedema,  and get you started on a lifelong exercise program.  The Carlisle Place has two certified lymphedema therapists on-site.

Strength After Breast Cancer

This is a program offered by the Carlisle Place, offering an individual assessment and treatment plan following your breast cancer diagnosis. This program is available to all breast cancer survivors.  You must first complete all cancer treatments and ask your oncologist and physical therapist if you are eligible. This program is based on measurable results from the Physical Activity and Lymphedema (PAL) trial, a one-year randomized control exercise intervention funded by the National Cancer Institute.

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