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carlisle place testimonial


"Amazing!  My therapist was so flexible and always willing to go above and beyond!"

"Stacey immediately saw what might have been causing my pain.  She made the adjustment, gave me amazing exercises, and my pain was gone!!  Love these people!"

"Finally able to walk without knee pain.  Monica was excellent."

"I drive an hour and twenty-five minutes to get here.  That should say something.  Robyn is great and the entire staff is more than I ever would have expected.  Would come back here if ever need therapy again."

"I loved the welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. I felt a sense of relaxation as I walked through the door and greeted about my appointment."

"This is the best PT I have ever had.  The staff and the facility are top rated.  Celina Moon is the BEST!"

"Very nice facility.  Friendly staff and very knowledgeable therapists."

"Had a wonderful experience with Robyn!  She was up on the science; expressed it well and the treatments were gentle and effective!  We had a lot of fun charring on top of all that."

"All the ladies treat you great, with respect and they all listen to your needs!"

"Word of mouth brought me to the Carlisle Place for treatment of vertigo.  My therapist was very attentive and very experienced.  I am still doing well."

"I've been to almost 20 doctors and physical therapists (plus 1 chiropractor) over the years for problems in 7 painful body parts.  I only wish I had found Carlisle Place on day one. I'd have had better quality of life.  This is the best care and relief I've ever had in 20+ years ... thank you!"

"I give it ★★★★★★★★★★ I highly recommend going to Carlisle Place for any physical therapy needs.  I went over the winter for my knee rehabilitation.  When I first called to start my rehab they were very polite and efficient with my referral, getting me on board and starting my rehab right away. I found my one-on-one time in the private gym with my physical therapist to be very ideal.  It addressed my knee in a very thorough way getting me strong and moving again quickly.  I feel like my physical therapist was genuinely caring, highly knowledgeable and very concerned about my knee making sure I got the best care possible.  I also found the receptionists to be very nice and she was making sure I had appointments booked in advance. Overall, I feel like I couldn't have gotten better care."

“I have been receiving physical therapy at Carlisle Place for over two years.  In the last several months I have also been receiving occupational therapy help.  They have professionally assessed my needs and followed through with appropriate therapy and the positive reinforcement I need.  I look forward to my appointments always being met by friendly, smiling faces. ” 

"I went to Carlisle Place because of its great reputation.  Everyone is very knowledgeable, friendly and they are always there for you.  I have always been very satisfied with my results.  They cheer you up also and you leave your session feeling good about it.  I would recommend Carlisle Place to anyone who needed treatment."  

"As the symptoms of my multiple sclerosis progressed (loss of balance, weakness and muscle spasticity) my doctor referred me to Carlisle Place for physical therapy.  Stacey evaluated my situation and developed a program of stretching and exercise which has been essential in helping me maintain my mobility and independence!  I am very appreciative of the help and support I have received from the entire Carlisle Place staff, and I highly recommend them."  

​"I have had physical therapy in the past, but never in such a lovely setting as the Carlisle Place.  From the moment you enter the door the staff treats you with genuine concern and respect.  In no time you come to feel like you are among friends.  The facility is immaculate, and care is rendered in a private setting with great care taken to preserve your dignity.  The temperature is adjusted to an appropriate level and care is taken that you are comfortable.  Everything is easily accessible even for the handicapped, and there is ample parking too.  My therapist is Robyn Baker.  Robyn is gentle and caring.  I like that she takes the time to teach you about your own body and explains what she is going to do as well as the purpose of the treatments she uses.  I have learned so much from her and she has solved a couple of minor issues of discomfort for me that were interfering with my overall well-being.  She is gentle but firm.  After her treatment I could just go to sleep; I am that relaxed.  Robyn is a good listener too.  I think most people who are in need of the care that Carlisle Place provides are a bit anxious and it is very helpful to have someone to vent to.  Robyn has often had a suggestion that is life-improving too.  I truly feel like I am among "friends" when I go there.  From the cheerful, always efficient and helpful receptionist to everyone else you encounter in this small, personal and highly skilled group of people, you will really look forward to coming to your treatments.  I highly recommend Carlisle Place to anyone in need of skill, comfort and caring.

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