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Aquatic Therapy

We invite you to come see one of our fully licensed and certified physical or occupational therapists for aquatic therapy services in our HydroWorx therapy pool!  


The variety of clients that can be treated in the HydroWorx pool is limitless.  From the frail elderly to the professional athlete, everyone will benefit from therapeutic exercise in this aquatic atmosphere.  Some benefits of aquatic rehabilitation are:

  • improvement of posture

  • alignment and stability

  • muscle strength and endurance

  • increased range of motion and flexibility

  • balance and coordination improvement

  • reduction in joint stress on extremities and spine

  • reduction in pain and muscle spasm


The pool is kept at a therapeutic temperature and varies in depth to address all therapeutic needs.  It is equipped with an underwater treadmill, resistance jets, massage hose and a handicap accessible chair lift.  

Our HydroWorx Pool Provides:

  • A fully adjustable current to provide resistance/swimming for every fitness level

  • Underwater treadmill for low-impact running/walking

  • A massage hose which can be used for scar tissue manipulation, deep tissue massage, and overall wellness enhancement

  • Low-oder bromine purification that’s gentle on your skin

  • Temperature control (up to 92° F) for your comfort

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