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Carlisle Place Physical Therapy and Wellness Center

Is 2020 the year for your total knee arthroplasty or possibly a hip replacement?  Did you suffer an injury that may require surgical repair? If so, you may need to have some physical therapy following your surgery.  Often the surgeon has a very specific time frame in which they would like to have your therapy begin.

Here lies the problem… If you have not contacted the facility in which you would like to receive your post-operative care, there could be a long waiting list.  There are some options post operatively to consider.  Sometimes going home right away is not feasible if you do not have help or will be very physically restricted.  This might require that you go to a rehabilitation facility for a short time to get you more independent with self-care and mobility  Another option is coming home from surgery and having home therapy for a few weeks before coming to an outpatient facility such as the Carlisle Place in Jefferson, New Hampshire.

Regardless of the decision that you have made with your family and healthcare team, planning ahead will help things go smoothly in regards to the timing of your care.  IF you have any questions about this process, please call our facility and we will let you know what is needed to secure your spot on the schedule.  The Carlisle Place Physical Therapy & Wellness Center is here to help you with all of your physical and occupational therapy needs both pre and post operatively.  Call us at 603-586-4100.  Happy and Healthy New Year!

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